Dry Eye Treatment in Arlington, WA

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Dry eye syndrome is an uncomfortable condition that affects millions of Americans each year. Symptoms such as discomfort and sensitivity to light are due to inadequate moisture production in the tear glands, which results in inflammation. Additionally, the symptoms may lead to fatigued eyes and reduced clarity of vision.

The eye surgeons at The Harman Eye Clinic specialize in LASIK, PRK, and cataract procedures. Since irritated eyes can limit the success of these procedures’ outcomes, we provide our patients with effective dry eye treatment in Arlington, WA. Please schedule an appointment if you’d like to discuss the options.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Services

If you are interested in LASIK, we will perform a thorough eye exam to determine whether you are a good candidate for this surgery. Ideally, it’s best to begin treatment for dry eyes prior to surgery so that you can experience optimally clear vision. However, dry eye symptoms do not present in some patients until after a refractive surgical operation. If this is the case, don’t worry: we’ll discuss the treatment options that allow you to enjoy clearer vision.

Our ophthalmologists are experts at detecting dry eye symptoms and recommending personalized treatment options. Contact our office today for an appointment or more information.