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Can you imagine the freedom to live your daily life without having to deal with the hassle and upkeep of glasses or contact lenses? LASIK surgery might be for you!

Our Surgeons, Dr. Ballon, Dr. Wietharn and Dr. Bajenova provide advanced blade-free refractive surgery, custom wavefront guided LASIK in Arlington, WA. No two eyes are alike. Your experience is tailored to your life-style needs coupled with your refractive degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. When you schedule a complimentary eye exam, your surgeon will help you of iLASIK as it applies to your life-style.

While not everyone is a candidate for LASIK surgery, our doctors at Harman Eye Clinic in Arlington, WA encourage all those interested to come in for a consultation. If you are not a candidate for LASIK surgery, we will be able to give you options that create a similar result to LASIK.

The STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System (Laser System) and iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System (iDesign System) reduces or eliminates nearsightedness (myopiea), farsightedness (hyperopia) and/or astigmatism. (a refractive error in which the eye focuses light rays more strongly in one direction than another).

In addition to the laser itself, the Laser System includes an eyetracker that keeps the laser pulses correctly positioned on the cornea when the eye moves.

The iDesign System includes an aberrometer that measures and records the power of the eye as well as the size and position of the pupil; a corneal topographer that measures the shape of the cornea; and treatment planning software that converts the data from the aberrometer into detailed instructions for the excimer laser treatment.

The iDesign System determines the precise excimer laser treatment that is needed. The Laser System exposes the cornea to a sequence of precisely positioned ultraviolet (UV) light pulses, each of which vaporizes a tiny amount of tissue. The Laser System treats nearsightedness by removing tissue from the center of the cornea (central cornea) to flatten it and treats astigmatism by flattening the central cornea by different amounts at different angles to correct uneven focus.

The Systems are intended for wavefront-guided LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) treatment of up to -11 diopters of power (D) of nearsightedness and up to -5 D of astigmatism as measured by the iDesign System. The standard clinical refraction and the iDesign refraction must agree to within 0.625 D for myopia and 0.5 D for astigmatism.

Patients must be 18 years of age or older with stable refractions (a change of less than or equal to 1.0 D in myopia or astigmatism for at least 12 months prior to surgery).

Excimer laser treatment is intended to reduce or eliminate nearsightedness and/or astigmatism. Side effects may include glare from bright lights (during night driving), halos (rings around lights), light sensitivity, temporary changes to vision, and dry eyes.

Patients all over the world and here in Arlington, WA are raving about the results of LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery enables our patients to live their active lifestyles uninhibited by glasses and contact lenses. If you are ready for a big change, call Harman Eye Clinic today for you LASIK consultation.

iLASIK surgery, available in Arlington, WA, is one of the most popular laser vision correction procedures available today.



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