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Cataracts are an unfortunate, but ultimately inevitable, part of growing up. It happens to almost everyone, but luckily, modern technological advances have made cataract removal easier and safer than ever. The Harman Eye Clinic in Arlington, WA is here to help you through your journey to clear vision through cataract surgery!

Cataract surgery here in Arlington has the potential to not only restore your cataract-affected vision, but also to correct refractive error! This means that you may be able to have a better quality of vision than even before you had cataracts. This is done with the help of an IOL, which replaces the cataract affected lens in the eye. The Harman Eye Clinic in Arlington, WA offer a wide variety of IOL options to suit different needs and lifestyles.

Many of our cataract patients in Arlington tell us that they feel like a new person after cataract surgery. Cataract surgery has been improving the quality of life of our patients for years, and now it’s your turn! Cataract surgery is now painless, safe and highly effective thanks to the advances in technology over the years. If you have been considering cataract surgery, no time is better than now.

Excellence in your eye care is important, because at The Harman Eye Clinic you and the care of your eyes is the reason for its existence. The Harman Eye Clinic serves the senior population for cataract surgery, and premium lens IOL implantation. Learn more.  Read A Patient’s Journal on our blog.

Download our latest, comprehensive Patient’s Guide to Successful Cataract Surgery, or request an appointment for a cataract evaluation and your surgeon will be able to address your questions in an individual manner after your eyes have been examined with an overall evaluation of your health, life-style and vision potential. Call the Harman Eye Clinic in Arlington today, the first step to life without cataracts.

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